Burning Sky

Call My Name

The ritual of naming of Water clan ended in a party and feast, just as the unchildren of Storm clan were fasting for their own ritual. Wade Greenwhisper looked out at her fellow newly named clanmates, and saw that all but one of them was marked with some sort of spirit light.

The Folk went right from one naming ceremony to another, even as the unchildren began to whisper among themselves about terrible things. Evidently there had been something unsettling in the Bone spirit group which led those members of it who were from the Fire and Storm clans to be greatly fearful. According to these unchildren, the Water children had been covered by a darkness, and spoken in unison, while their own bones shone through their skin.

Before the ceremony of naming of the Storm clan, the Wise Woman‘s granddaughter (who shall now be called Roe) was asked for the ritual axe by her aunt Dianna. Knowing that her grandmother gave her the axe to guide her through the ordeal, and that it meant her wish had been for her to follow in her footsteps, the Unchild kept it, even after Dianna’s warning that it would make her vulnerable. The Wise Woman’s older granddaughter was forbidden to join the ceremony, as it was agreed that she should be given a chance to appease whatever spirits she must have offended then claim her name later.

And it seems that it did, for Roe was approached by a hostile spirit, which spoke dire warnings to her. But she held tight to the axe, and heard her grandmother’s voice. Her grandmother told her many things, that spirits now walked the earth in flesh, and that several of them had come to collect old debts and take retribution for past wrongs. She told her many things, and hinted of many more. In the midst of this, was her sister, who had doubly transgressed during the Ordeal. That wrong, at least, and perhaps the old wrongs as well, must be atoned for or sacrifices must be made, and Amahaulu feared that, even with all three clans combined, the folk could not survive the sacrifices which would be required.

When the ceremony was done, and her name claimed (though but a fraction of a name it was), Roe told her aunt what she had learned. Dianna and she told Wave Crab, the shaman of the Water Clan (the Shaman of the Fire Clan had not survived the destruction of the Gathering). Together they began to make protective amulets for all the clansmen, and to recreate the ceremony by which Ro had protected the Stone spirit group.

The ceremony of naming of the Fire clan followed. It was a simple ritual of combat, with the unchildren fighting until first blood was drawn.

The amulets were made, and gifted. Protective rituals were held as fast as animals could be sacrificed.

Wade Metallstone tried to commune with the Moon to see what could be done to clear the blight which was afflicting his clan. Instead, he woke the spirit within him, which taunted him about his ignorance and worthlessness, pointing out that the Clan had shown respect to the spirits of their own dead, but not those of the Outsiders, when the Outsider girl had been killed under the darkening of the moon. He went to Roe, and told her what he had heard, and she determined to take her sister back to the place where they Outsiders were slain, both to put their spirits to rest, and so that her sister could atone and claim her own name.

The Elders were uncertain of the wisdom of this, and Blaze and Ash, who were vying for control of the remnants of Fire clan, demanded that she prove her worthiness as a Wise Woman before she ask the blessing of the clan.



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